Nurse Training/Courses

Mediserve is fully aware of the importance of ongoing staff development and the direct effect this can have towards the quality of care provided to the general public.

To ensure staff provided to facilities are always well trained, Mediserve provides them with the necessary support to undertake ongoing professional development courses. All Mediserve staff are advised of our commitment to staff development and training and we are proud of our record of always having paid the full or major cost of all training our staff undertake.

Mediserve also has an established Indigenous Nurse Training Scholarship with Curtin University in Perth whereby we pay the full cost of all fees and books for an Indigenous student.

Please contact the nearest Mediserve office should you wish to obtain assistance for a particular course. In addition Mediserve organizes regular courses in CPR, Manual Handling, Fire & Safety and Aggression Management.

Occupational Health and Safety

The health and safety of all our employees is of paramount importance to Mediserve. The Host Employers, Mediserve and our Nursing Staff all have a responsibility in maintaining a safe work environment and we do our utmost to meet our obligations in this regard.

We ensure that all mandatory competencies are completed and maintained by our staff. Mandatory training courses are arranged and paid for by Mediserve and we also provide a Mediserve Occupational Safety & Health Manual to all staff.

Staff are required to be orientated to their working environment and all identified hazards are recorded on Mediserve’s Hazard Reporting Forms located in the OSH Manual. These hazards are then followed through with the respective facilities to ensure that they are isolated or removed prior to our staff resuming work.

Please contact the nearest Mediserve office should you wish to discuss or report any Occupational Safety and Health matters. Mediserve’s OSH Manual provides guidance on responsibilities, documentation and safety procedures.