Why choose to work in Australia?

There are numerous reasons for working in Australia. Australia provides an ideal lifestyle, with the opportunity to travel and explore the country and surrounding regions at ease. With Australia’s beautiful Mediterranean style of weather and friendly people there are an abundance of social opportunities that make working here pleasurable. Due to Australia’s high standard of living, good salaries and working conditions, nurses are able to enjoy a great lifestyle. With flexible work hours, and Mediserve assisting with courses and ongoing training your trip to Australia offers a unique learning experience which you will treasure for a lifetime and be the envy of your family and friends back home. Australia provides nurses with rewarding work, especially in rural areas where a friendly face and a smile is always welcome. Nurses in Australia enjoy a lower staff to patient ratio than many other countries and work in a supportive environment. There are also various opportunities for professional development and advancement. Australia currently has an abundance of nursing positions available and at Mediserve we provide qualified nurses the opportunity of a lifetime.

Why choose Mediserve as your placement agent?

Mediserve has been sponsoring and employing overseas nurses for several years. We are very experienced and provide a professional friendly service. Mediserve is one of the “Preferred Providers” of nurses to most of the State and Territory Health Departments in Australia. This ensures you have access to the widest range of jobs both in City and Country areas. We assist with all your needs on arrival in Australia, pay for travel to and from country placements and ensure you are well paid and offered all educational and professional support. We also offer numerous other incentives to ensure your stay in Australia is a memorable one.

Information for Overseas Nurses

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Of concern to many overseas Nurses is the difficulty of obtaining accommodation at a reasonable cost. To help our Nurses, Mediserve has initiated a number of measures:

  • Negotiated with Public and Private Hospitals in Country areas around Australia for low cost or free rental.
  • In some cities we have organized rental housing where nurses can rent a room in a shared house with other Mediserve nurses.
  • Have a number of reputable real estate agents that can assist with house rental

Australia is divided into 7 States and Territories. Each State has its own characteristics and weather patterns. Due to the vastness of the country weather and conditions vary from sweltering heat and beaches to snow falls and skiing. In general, when travelling North it is hot and humid between December and March (30 and 40 degrees Celsius) and perfect weather between May and October (around 20 degrees). Travelling South offers all four seasons.

  • Summer – December to February (30-40 degrees)
  • Autumn – March to May
  • Winter – June to August (16-24 degrees)
  • Spring – September to November

Travelling to Central Australia can be very cold at night due to the desert like conditions, so please be prepared.

In Australia there are essentially a number of different methods for Criminal Record Checks. These checks are required prior to commencement of work. Please contact any of our offices for further information.

Mediserve Nursing Agency carries all the statutory insurances including Professional Indemnity Insurance (including for Midwifery), Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance. This means that nurses are covered for all duties they undertake whilst working for Mediserve.

Continued Professional Development of our Nurses is extremely important to Mediserve. All Staff are encouraged to participate in Independent Courses and those organized by Mediserve. It is a pre-employment requisite that all nurses undertake certain mandatory courses. These are paid for and organized by Mediserve, Please contact the relevant office for details.

Since 1982 West Australian Health Services have put measures in place to prevent the spread of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) in their hospitals. All employees who have been working in an interstate/overseas hospital in the past year must therefore have swabs taken and a negative result obtained. Swabs must be taken in WA and the Perth office should be contacted regarding this.

Mediserve recommends that whilst traveling around Australia it is best to obtain a mobile phone for convenience.There are a number of network carriers. We would recommend you are careful in choosing your carrier especially if you are considering working in remote locations.

It is a mandatory requirement that all nurses working for Mediserve have acurrent and valid registration. Details can be obtained from the state and territory nursing boards or the AHPRA website.

All staff employed by Mediserve must work in a professional manner as befits the profession. They are all required to meet the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council Standards of Conduct and that of the individual state and territory Nursing Boards in which they work.

Banking facilities in Australia are well organized and operated 24 hours a day via electronic and Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) services. To open a Bank Account you will need to provide identification, ideally a Passport and/or Drivers License as part of a 100 point check. The four large banks of Australia are ANZ (Australia New Zealand), CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia), NAB (National Australia Bank) and WESTPAC. Other banking institutions are also available.

Superannuation is a very important benefit to Employees. Under the Government Superannuation Guarantee, all employers are required to pay an amount equivalent to 9.25% of the employees wage to a nominated superannuation fund of the employees choice. This money is not accessible to the employee until either the employee reaches a certain age, or is leaving the country permanently or satisfies other conditions.

In Australia all employees must have a Tax File Number (TFN). This is a requirement of the Government and failure to do so will result in individuals being taxed at a higher rate. To obtain a Tax File Number application form, simply go to the Australian Taxation Office web site on www.ato.gov.au.

All income is taxed by the Government. The rate of tax is dependent on earnings and is based on a sliding scale. All Mediserve employees will have their income taxed and the balance deposited into their bank account.

Professional standard of dress is required. Mediserve supplies blouses/ shirts free of charge to all staff. Please have blue or white trousers available and closed shoes. Minimal jewellery is to be worn at all times.