We can look after the home and manage garden maintenance for our client if they need some assistance with it or simply to be able to sit back and enjoy their home.  Our specialist staff will arrange services for you when you want them. All services are performed by qualified staff and tradesmen.

Home maintenance services we offer:

  • Improving safety
  • Seasonal maintenance
  • Routine maintenance
  • Assistance with decluttering
  • Gardening
  • General handyman services


We will do an initial assessment and involve an occupational therapist where necessary. Our skilled tradesmen can perform many routine jobs to make time in the home safer and more enjoyable. Including:

  • Installing handrails
  • Checking electrics and changing as necessary
  • Changing taps to make them more user friendly
  • Installing additional lighting to minimise falls risk
  • Installing security and smoke alarms
  • Installing hand-held showers and removing shower screens
  • Tidying up the garden and lopping branches
  • Replacing gas appliances with electric or induction
  • Installing non-slip floor surfaces

Seasonal and routine maintenance

We can assist clients keep their homes safe and tidy with scheduled work throughout the year.  For instance:

  • Spring clean: full household clean including oven, fridge, bath, dusting, lint filters etc
  • Garden: pruning, clearing leaves, weeding and fertilising
  • Windows, doors and screens: full clean and inspect / replace screens and locks
  • Cooling: check and clean air-conditioning or other cooling systems
  • Lights: check and replace light-bulbs and switches
  • Smoke alarm: change batteries and test
  • Electrics: safety test appliances
  • General handyman: tighten handles, taps and fix leaks
  • Torch: ensure have a working torch to guard against night falls etc
  • Heating: check heating system
  • Gutters: remove leaf litter
  • Roof: check and repair leaks

Home care package clients

Home care packages may be used to help fund home and garden maintenance. If a client is with another home care provider, our staff can be used by that provider to deliver the services.